Commit b2a4606f authored by ThomasTram's avatar ThomasTram
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Fixed a bug leading to double free when combining the new quadrature strategies with shooting

parent 1d201a34
......@@ -1337,8 +1337,8 @@ int background_ncdm_init(
for (index_q=0; index_q<pba->q_size_ncdm[k]; index_q++) {
pba->q_ncdm_bg[k] = pba->q_ncdm[k];
pba->w_ncdm_bg[k] = pba->w_ncdm[k];
pba->q_ncdm_bg[k][index_q] = pba->q_ncdm[k][index_q];
pba->w_ncdm_bg[k][index_q] = pba->w_ncdm[k][index_q];
/** - in verbose mode, inform user of number of sampled momenta
for background quantities */
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